Water Wars 2016

Curbside Gallery
April 16th- May 21st 2016
Curbside Gallery proudly presents Water Wars, a solo exhibition featuring artist Cody M Lusby. The opening will be held from 7-10pm on Saturday, April 16th.
928 E Santa Ana Blvd, Santa Ana, California 92701
Water Wars- is a term describing a conflict between countries, states, or groups over an access to water resources. The United Nations recognizes that water disputes result from opposing interests of water users, public or private. Cody created this body of work to illustrate water from the side that would be the first thing lost when such conflicts arise… the frivolous side. Water for the pure joy of play.
Cody- My goal with this series is to open up a dialogue about water and what is at stake.


Time Paradox 2015

This series of paintings called “Time Paradox” is about how time seems to move faster as we age. Even though perception of time fluctuates throughout our lives this concept seems to be a constant. To illustrate this thought I have painted 10 people to represent 10 different decades of life. In the beginning the figure moves rapidly while the background stays static and in the end the figure is static while the background moves rapidly. The collage images behind the figures have been divided into 12 segments to embody time.
“Time Paradox” is part of my larger body of work called “Perpetual Motion” which deals with the fleetingness of life, time and how motion equals emotion. The show will display over 14 original paintings plus a few stencil pieces an a couple sculptures.

Goodbye Butterfly 2013


Something has been brewing in me for years.  I felt it deep in my being as a youth.  People told me to change it.  Rename it.  Excitement….. but I knew the truth.  There is no running away.  I have to let go.  Goodbye butterfly.

I fight you anxiet

The focus of this series is about the release of anxiety.  I chose anxiety for its complexity and it seems every one (including myself) deal with it in one shape or form.  Letting go of that anxiety is a magnificent and truly freeing feeling.  To illustrate this release I have created images of people exhaling butterflies.  The moment of release. The figures in each painting are blurred, giving an almost etherial/ anguished look.   Anxiety takes the traditional form of butterflies.  Each butterfly is a hand cut collage image of what is causing the anxiety. I feel if I create enough of these pieces maybe I too will be free of the butterflies.
Cody Lusby

No Tell Motel 2012-2013

Sexual desire is a constant animal instinct we crave with never ending fulfillment.  My goal with this series is to show an intimacy and strength in the erotic gesture.  “No Tell Motel” was a saying my father said many times when we past a crummy, run down, pay by the hour,  paint peeled back, sign falling down, motel you come across when you are not in the “right” area.  To me it the motels became a place in my head where desires go to hide. All paintings were painted in 2012-2013.



I stole this off your face book. 2012

I want to bring attention to your privacy. I don’t have a solution to the problem, but I don’t like the idea of being a product for sale. I would not appreciate a friend taking my mailing address and selling it to a company, so why would I be ok with a website that I trust doing the same thing. It does not make sense. So I am taking images off your facebook and making them my own. I am not asking you, just like the companies aren’t asking you. Come out and let me know what you think. All paintings were painted in 2012.

Building a Brick 2012

“Building a Brick” is an exhibition illustrating the essential construction worker in the aesthetic realm of architecture.

In an independent 1991 film called “Slacker”, a character offers a passer-by a card from a deck and read the statement “Not building a wall, making a brick”.  Ever since then, the oblique strategy has stuck with me.  When I was asked to create artwork in my style that relates with architecture, the statement came rushing back.  The bricks are essential to the wall, such as the laborer is essential to the constructing of a building.  Often times the grandiose outcome of a perfectly designed structure is all that people will concentrate on.  For example an onlooker of a project in mid construction will often say “I can’t wait to see it done”.  Implying that they are visualizing the end product (the wall). Which is probably exactly what the architect wants you to envision, but without all those small workers the architectural beauty would never exist. I have always been a fan of what is overlooked.  Making the ordinary, extraordinary. So here is a nod to the worker. All paintings were painted in 2012.

Historical reflection-  To help us get out of the Great Depression, president Roosevelt’s came up with the New Deal which created several public arts programs. The purpose of the programs was to give work to artists and decorate public buildings, usually with a theme of workers in heroic poses, laboring in unison to complete a great public project.

Tales from Skid Row 2011




Living in a metropolitan area I am constantly sighting the homeless. They have crept into my thoughts with one encounter after another. One day, avoiding eye contact while reading a “Help” sign, I began to day dream. How did they get to where they are? It seems like this guy is already qualified for a job. What would I create if I was homeless? This is how it began. All paintings were painted in 2011.

Modern Romance 2011

Modern (mdrn) Of or pertaining to present and recent time; not ancient or remote (contemporary) Romance (r-mns, rmns) A mysterious or fascinating quality or appeal, as of something adventurous, heroic, or strangely beautiful (love). All paintings were painted in 2011.

Single Staches 2011-2014



In this gallery the artwork was created for group shows or just something I had to make. They do not fit into any particular series, making them land in the single stache category. All paintings were painted in 2011-2014.