Goodbye Butterfly 2013


Something has been brewing in me for years.  I felt it deep in my being as a youth.  People told me to change it.  Rename it.  Excitement….. but I knew the truth.  There is no running away.  I have to let go.  Goodbye butterfly.

I fight you anxiet

The focus of this series is about the release of anxiety.  I chose anxiety for its complexity and it seems every one (including myself) deal with it in one shape or form.  Letting go of that anxiety is a magnificent and truly freeing feeling.  To illustrate this release I have created images of people exhaling butterflies.  The moment of release. The figures in each painting are blurred, giving an almost etherial/ anguished look.   Anxiety takes the traditional form of butterflies.  Each butterfly is a hand cut collage image of what is causing the anxiety. I feel if I create enough of these pieces maybe I too will be free of the butterflies.
Cody Lusby